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a man need a depression and anxiety treatment programDepression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Through counseling and treatment, we are able to help you recover the motivation, perspective, and joy that you once had in your life. At PHC Mental Health Counseling Services, we provide mental health counseling in Winter Park near Orlando. We offer a range of treatment options for mental health conditions. Furthermore, at our depression and anxiety treatment program, we provide support for both adults and teens. Please contact PHC Mental Health Counseling Services today at 407.920.9717 to learn more about mental health treatment in Winter Park, Florida.

Please contact PHC Mental Health Counseling Services today at 407.920.9717 to learn more about mental health treatment in Winter Park, Florida.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stressful situations. The person may feel extreme apprehension and fear concerning the future. A range of situations may lead to anxiety, such as job interviews, the first day of school, or an upcoming speech. However, if you’re experiencing extreme feelings of anxiety that have interfered with your life and lasts longer than six months, this may indicate that you’re battling an anxiety disorder.

Like other mental health conditions, anxiety symptoms may differ based on the person experiencing them. Many people struggling with anxiety feel like there’s a gap between their body and mind, making them feel out of control. Sometimes, they experience symptoms such as panic attacks, nightmares, uncontrollable memories, and other painful thoughts. They may be afraid of specific places or events, but other people feel worried or scared all the time. Other symptoms of anxiety may include:

  • Difficulty falling asleep due to worrying thoughts
  • Having trouble concentrating
  • Feeling restless
  • Experienced an increased heart rate
  • Rapid breathing

If you’re experiencing anxiety, finding treatment is crucial. Not seeking treatment can lead to a range of health complications.

Anxiety treatment can fall into two categories, which are medication and psychotherapy. Certain medications can help limit the symptoms of anxiety, but long-term use may become addictive. Psychotherapy requires you to meet with a therapist or psychologist, who can help provide tools and strategies to help you cope with anxiety. Often, experts recommend a combination of these strategies.

Depression Treatment

Mental health treatment experts classify depression as a mood disorder involving feelings of hopelessness, sadness, and loss. These feelings last for a period of over two weeks and can interfere with your daily life. Like anxiety, the way that you experience depression may be different than the way your neighbor experiences it. For instance, for some people, it results in lower productivity and lost time. However, for other people, it impacts relationships and worsens chronic health problems, such as asthma or diabetes. The symptoms of depression may include:

  • Feeling sad, empty, or hopeless
  • Irritation and other mood changes
  • Loss of interest in hobbies and withdrawing from your social circle
  • Changes in appetite and sleeping habits
  • Impaired cognitive functions, leading to slower thinking and talking

Most of the time, depression will not get better without professional treatment. In fact, for many people, it continues to worsen without support. Fortunately, PHC Mental Health Counseling Services offers the help you need to manage depression.

Seeking Treatment at PHC Mental Health Counseling Services

If you have a mental health condition like depression or anxiety, you may feel like you’re alone in your battle against these diseases. However, this is not the case. PHC Mental Health Counseling Services is committed to providing support and care for a range of mental health conditions, including PTSD and oppositional defiant disorder. We are an LGBTQ+ friendly treatment center, and, using treatment options such as EMDR therapy, we have experience in helping people just like you. Please contact PHC Mental Health Counseling Services today at 407.920.9717 to learn more about the treatment options available.