PHC Counseling can help your teenager(s) through troubled times

When children have ODD, their behavior problems interfere with their daily lives. They're likely to have educational difficulties. They may fall behind academically because they're dismissed from class due to misbehavior or they may be failing their classes due to their refusal to do the work.

Children with ODD also tend to have difficulty with their relationships. They may struggle to maintain friendships due to the severity of their behavior problems. Their behavior may also take a serious toll on their relationships with siblings and other family members.

Here are the symptoms of ODD:

  • Frequent angry outbursts

  • Refusal to follow rules

  • Questioning authority repeatedly

  • Excessive arguing with adults

  • Frequent and intense temper tantrums

  • Deliberate attempts to annoy others

  • Aggressive Behavior

  • Spiteful toward others

  • Blames others for mistakes